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Come into Divine Alignment by putting these principles into Practice

Practice preparing your heart and mindset to see miracles every day in thisMiracles are Normal online course and action guide.

Miracles are Normal took me into a deeper dimension of Fathers heart, desire and love for us. I learned how I have allowed myself to limit Father according to “my” perspective of Him. Virginia opened my eyes to a WHOLE new relationship with my Heavenly Father. This book changed my spiritual life. I will read it many more times.

- Janelle Silva

Why Take this Course?

Are you hungry for more of God?

Do you desire to experience the supernatural in your daily life?

This class, birthed in the counsel rooms of heaven, will provide a “you are here” on your spiritual map and will answer questions about your life and situation that you may have found perplexing. The wisdom of heaven paired with simple and practical action steps will bring you into alignment with God and with yourself, so that miracles (which are already “yes and amen” in your Father’s heart) can flow freely and effortlessly into and through you. So, get ready to step into the dimension where miracles are your norm.

You were created to be miraculous!

In this Course You'll Discover...

The miracles flow freely and effortlessly by way of the life of Christ through you into the realm of earth.

Class 1


In this class, you will learn that the nature of Adam cannot produce your miracle, but that the life of Christ flowing through you as you “reckon yourself dead,” has absolutely no trouble being miraculous!

Class 2


In this class, you will learn that you are literally one with God, and you will learn about the process of growing into the fullness of that reality. You will also learn about the limitless possibilities that flow from your union with Him.

Class 3


In this class, you will learn about the spiritual maturation process and will learn exactly where you are on your “maturity map.” You will learn how to cooperate with God, the perfect Father, 

And There's So Much More...

  • Learn what is your part and what is God’s part in manifesting


  • Discover how to grow into the reality of your oneness with


  • See exactly where you are on your “maturity map”

  • See that the creative process of God is a pattern you, too,

    can follow

  • Identify lies you believe and how to replace them with your

    Father’s thoughts toward you

  • Learn what faith is and what it is not…and you may be


  • Connect more deeply with Holy Spirit, as He heals your emotions and opens your heart

  • Learn how to use your imagination (the eyes of your heart) to live from and manifest your “expected end”

  • Learn the importance of fun, passion and creativity and will learn your unique “play personality”

  • Learn how to align your words with Yeshua, who is the Living Word, and to co-create with Him from heaven to earth

  • Discover cutting edge spiritual technologies to make the spiritual tangible in your life 

  • Explore practical ways to cleanse and restore your will gate

  • Here you'll learn how to co-create with God - After 50 years Saved plus having a degree in theology, I'm still learning about God's Kingdom, and this book by Virginia Killingsworth taught me a lot. We all know God is the "Great Creator" of the universe and everything in it, but what we may not fully understand is that God wants us to "co-create" with Him. Thus, this book is aptly titled, "Miracles Are Normal," and we have the privilege to co-create with God, bringing forward miracles to heal sickness and disease and powers to change boundaries and blessings over entire cities, including places where we live and work. Read More

    - Amazon Customer

    Finally finding answers and gaps are being filled in - I am only half way through the book, but it has been so helpful so far, I want to comment. The Lord had already been highlighting some verses and other issues I needed to deal with and this book is answering them. One is how to deal with unconscious emotions that have been stuffed from childhood. Immediately when I started praying, Holy Spirit started answering.  Read More

    - Cindy Gunn

    A Treasure Chest of Divine Inspiration - I can’t get over how wonderful this book is. It truly is a manual on how to have union with God in a very practical way. The explanations are divinely inspired and there are a list of questions to ask yourself and to ask God to uncover blockages to your relationship with him. And that is only the first few chapters. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in here. Quite a treasure chest!I have been a Christian counselor for over 30 years and I will be using this material as I help my clients. Read More

    - Dr. Nancy

    Life Giving Book 
    - Powerful book. Its life giving and for many will be life changing! This is a book I wish I had had as a new believer...Virginia's wisdom and style of writing make it easy to understand and apply. Highly recommend!

    - Bucky's Girl

    Author of
    Miracles are Normal

        Virginia Killingsworth has released 11 worship CDs and has written two books, one of which has been translated into both Spanish and Russian. Through a life of encounter, Virginia releases throne room worship into the earth, where the presence of God brings healing and freedom. Her music is prophetic in nature, God-breathed in essence, and her passion is to display the beauty and the true nature of God until the earth is “filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14)

        For over 30 years, Virginia Killingsworth has ministered to hurting children, teens, families and individuals in residential and pastoral settings, and she and her husband, Sean, are currently foster parents. They live in Jacksonville, Florida, where they oversee a gathering of believers who are living from heaven, breaking earthly barriers and demonstrating that, with God, all things are possible! 

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